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        Proactive responses to anticipated market changes

        Annual plan analysis and budgeting

        Cost effective alternatives


        Renewal Analysis & Negotiation

        Strategic planning and plan design to mirror the culture of the organization

        Effectively committed to your employees


            The growth of the company is the fruit of a concept which has succeeded from the beginning.  The Leterman-Gortz Corporation is a firm of Group Insurance Specialists.  Each of our Executive Officers services all the accounts which he sells!  This is a highly technical field and each of our officers is experienced and skilled and provides our clients expertise in this specialized area.  Each has extensive knowledge of the federal and state laws applicable to employee benefits.

            As group insurance specialists we serve a wide range of clients from large, nationally-known corporations to privately-owned firms.  We design, install, service and, in many cases, administer benefit programs.  We also act as consultants to many industry wide groups.

            It has been gratifying to find that more and more professional corporations, business organizations and industry wide associations seek our services... either independently, on the basis of our reputation, or through referrals from our clients or their own consultants and advisors.  It takes professionalism to satisfy professionals.

            We find, as a result, that more firms of professionals such as accountants, attorneys, architects, physicians, dentists, management consultants and other have entrusted their group planning to us.

            Whenever we are asked to do a job we are in competition with agents and brokers who are primarily involved in other areas of the insurance business and ALSO handle group planning.  Because we specialize, we have to be the best!  Our business has grown because our ideas and our proposals are accepted on merit.

            We come up with the best value... and we make sure that our plans stay the best value!  The buying service that is performed initially is only the beginning.  Because the market changes and needs and circumstances of our clients change... and the competition that lost the first would like to win the next... we see to it that our programs continue to be outstanding compared with alternatives.

            Now we would like to serve you!  We know our own abilities and we would like to prove them to you!  You, our prospect, have nothing to lose.  Don't just take our word for it!  Ask our clients... other pros... insurance companies... accountants... attorneys... about our work.

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