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            We enjoy longstanding and cordial relationships... dating as far back as the 1920's... with clients large and small... many of whom are among the most prestigious corporations in the domestic and international business world.

            Unique in operation and national in scope, our organization is a complex of facilities and services which has evolved over a period of years dating from 1923.  We have changed to meet changing times.

            Our original founder, Elmer G. Leterman, one of the best known and most colorful men in the industry, is the author of six best-selling books on salesmanship.  These have been translated into 70 languages and sold internationally.  In 1930, in the very depths of the depression, Mr. Leterman produced more than $58,000,000 in insurance coverage for his clients.  In these early days he founded Elmer G. Leterman & Co., Inc. which specialized in Individual Policy Planning.  Mr. Leterman retired in 1971 after forty-nine highly productive years.

            The year 1949 created the impetus on which our present philosophy and organization are based.  This was the year that the Elmer G. Leterman Company was formed, with Norman N. Gortz as partner.  A specialization in group insurance planning was begun.  It was at this time that the service concept was developed and it has remained the foundation of our business philosophy to the present day.

            The ensuing years have seen further changes designed to meet the needs of our clients... changes marked by continued growth and a rise to higher levels of professional prominence.


...Specializing in Group Insurance

       and other Employee Benefit Programs

The Leterman-Gortz Corporation was formed in 1959 and The Elmer G. Leterman Company and Elmer G. Leterman & Company were subsequently merged.  It is today, one of the nation's largest single organizations specializing in the group insurance field.  Involved with the full spectrum of group-oriented plans, Leterman-Gortz is accepted by professionals... attorneys, accountants, trust officers and others involved with financial planning as the definitive authority on group insurance.

           Hundreds of Employer Groups!

           Thousands of Employees and Their Families!

           Millions in Benefits Paid!

           Over $2 Billion of Insurance Sold

             ....more than many insurance companies!



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